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Voice Of Vietnam – VOV is the nation radio broadcaster who covers all regions of Vietnam and oversea.
VOV is the very first broadcast organization apply information technology to their radio system from production to play-out content. After more than a decade of usage, the existing radio system was out of date and the upgrading was not efficient at all, VOV decided to purchase new radio system with the latest technology for both software and hardware.
Dalet has been very famous company who initial provided IT based radio solutions to many radio broadcasters around the world. VOV had used Dalet 5.1E system for over 10 years and they put their trust in Dalet.
In 2013, VOV purchased new radio system from Dalet and TVS was chosen as the local SI for overall system.
The challenges were:
– Integration with existing Dalet 5.1E system which run on old OS and database technology. The new Galaxy Radio system with latest OS, database architecture, backup method should be integrated smoothly with Dalet 5.1E in at least first year.
– Integration with existing Netia radio system which got the same issue relative to OS and database technology.
– Integration with existing Archiving system.
– Customize workflow to adapt daily operation for VOV.
The hardware was chosen carefully in order to get the highest performance on overall system. We chose blade server system from HP to build clustered database servers, domain servers, file servers, core-app servers. We utilized the advantages of HP’s blade server technology for easy monitor/control, high performance, high reliability, space and power saving.

VOV Galaxy Radio hardware racks

We selected HP’s high-performance workstations for On-air and back up machines and other medium performance workstations for production. The centralized storage was built on HP’s 3PAR StoreServ 7400 Storage which had very performance and stability, the data structure of this storage system help to ensure a very low rate of loss data, the re-build duration for data on faulty HDD is also extreme fast.

The network infrastructure was designed carefully not only for Dalet Galaxy radio system but also for future expansion for other multimedia system, like AoIP and Video. The network structure as showed in the below diagram, there is a couple of Cisco Catalyst 6506E Switches working as Core switching, distribution switches are Cisco Catalyst 3750X and Access Switches are Cisco Catalyst 2960S.

Diagram of Network

Dalet team has brought to VOV’s Galaxy radio many benefits which they never had before, the benefits are:

  • Fully integrated solution for Radio running on a single platform and common database
  • A Media Asset Management and workflow engine built for production workflows, with powerful embedded contextual metadata management capability.
  • Dalet Core Application Servers for search, indexing, media migrations, media conversions and rewrapping, imports and exports, Asset Management forms.
  • Dalet software clustering provides failover and full redundancy and no single point of failure.
  • A set of ingest modules (local control as well as centralised) for scheduled or manual recording: ActiveLog Recorder, FIFO Recorder, Audio Recorder, OneCut, automated file-based ingest.
  • A set of production and editing tools modules: : OneCut, Mix Edit, Cue Edit, Clip Bin.
  • Dalet Webspace – A web browser based client.
  • A set of tools to transfer and access material across the different sites.
  • Dalet Playout: OnAir Player & Carts, controlled by the Dalet Broadcast Server for reliable Radio playout – centralised or traditional distributed playout architecture
  • Desktop Player for playing multiple automated channels or advertising splits.
  • Scheduling modules: Dalet Scheduling, Pattern Management.
  • Integration modules: Impex, NetXchange.
  • Tools for securing playout or for Disaster Recovery: NetBack.
  • A monitoring tool “Dashboard” for monitoring, alerts and administration of the global system.
  • High Performance HP Storage and Servers for back-end redundant architecture using Windows Server.
  • Microsoft SQL Server running on a clustered server platform.

All these modules are fully integrated, running on one advanced media asset management platform which manages human and media workflows. Dalet’s set of powerful tools cover the end-to-end workflow and meets the requirements of this specification.

VOV System architecture Schema

All parties were working closely for Dalet developed a solution for metadata/media exchange between new Galaxy radio system with existing Dalet 5.1e and Netia radio systems. Any time there is new content created or modified in any radio system, the other radio systems are also updated the same content with metadata. This enable VOV to do production and play out on Dalet 5.1e/Netia radio systems and play out on Dalet Galaxy radio system, and vice versa.

For integration between Galaxy radio system with VOV’s archiving system, we developed a solution like building a data bridge for data exchanging on some workstations.

After many stage of project deployment, from Factory acceptance test to User acceptance test, then dry-run and the system finally was brought to live on 1st August 2015.

Screenshots off On-air and Production workstations

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