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Hue VTV is a branch of Vietnam Television organization located in Hue city. Hue VTV was doing not only programs for VTV but also doing programs to broadcast locally.

In 2005, Hue VTV wanted to purchase an OBVan with 4 camera systems and expandable in future. TVS was chosen as main SI to work with local contractor for this project.

The challenges were limitation for budget so the Van must be converted locally to be OBVan. TVS worked closely with end user and local van factory to design the cabin of the van as well as interior layout.


We provided Hitachi SK-888 camera systems with complete CCU and control system for the van. Hitachi SK-888 camera was the next generation of successful SK-777model, the camera system satisfy all out-door production requirement of Hue VTV and very stable and durable thanks to good tropicalization.

Vinten Vision 11 tripod packages were chosen to use with SK-888 camera, these tripods can adapt very hard working conditions on the field.

At the center of van’s production system, we put Rossvideo RVS-216D vision mixer system. This vision mixer system has 16 SD-SDI inputs and 15 selectable outputs. There is one Leitch Panacea 16×4 SDI router working as signal routing core for infrastructure of the van, and it also working as the redundant for the vision mixer.

Inside the van – Operation Desk

The gears of signal infrastructure are modular cards from Rossvideos like: DAs, DAC, ADC. The system was designed to able input/output both digital and analog video/audio.

The Tally system and under-monitor displays were from KromaTelecom, this tally system was integrated with vision mixer and monitor rack to provide director the signaling and name of any video sources in the system.

We chose Clearcom intercom system for this van, the system was designed with 4 separate channels for director communicate with 4 different groups. Any time the director want to join any channel together, he just need to push buttons on the panel.

Equipment racks

The OBVan was originally designed for digital/analog SD signal and upgradable to HD. And Hue VTV has put trust in us for years to upgrade the OBVan to HD step by step. The camera system has been changed to HD model include Hitachi Z-HD5000 and Z-HD6000. The vision mixer has been changed to Rossvideo Crossover Solo, this vision mixer system has 4 frame sync with up/down conversion is very useful whenever they want to add more cameras. Thanks to the multiviewer output of the vision mixer, we just need to use a big monitor for all video sources and take out old CRT monitors.

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