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Way back in 2003, Axia Audio, the studio audio division of the Telos Alliance, invented Audio over IP for Broadcast. We did what no one had ever done before—create professional radio gear that networks using standard Ethernet, for use in digital audio routing, mixing, and distribution systems for Broadcast and other Pro Audio applications.

The foundational technology in all Axia products is Livewire plus AES67—we call it Livewire+—an AoIP protocol that enables high-reliability, low-delay uncompressed digital audio over Ethernet, including audio, logic, control, and program associated data (PAD). Devices connect together using standard Ethernet cables; audio and control routing is accomplished with off-the-shelf Ethernet switches. Axia Livewire+ has built-in compliance with the AES67 standard. That’s because Axia and the Telos Alliance are committed proponents of AoIP interoperability—first as charter, supporting members of the X192 Working Group that defined AES67, and now as founding members of the Media Networking Alliance, a group of prominent equipment manufacturers formed to actively promote the adoption and implementation of the AES67 standard.

Today, Axia mixing consoles, digital audio routers, broadcast intercom systems, and routing control software—along with other Telos brands and 85+ partners—are powering broadcast studios around the globe, with more than 7,000 mixing consoles and 70,000 networked audio devices—many from Axia Livewire+ Partners.  Explore the links and products here, and check out our Axia Users Forum where Axia fans can ask questions, share tips and ideas.

All-Livewire Studio Diagram

The advantage of an all-Livewire system is full support of advertising/discovery, GPIO, and Program Associated Data throughout every link in the system.

Livewire with AES67 Studio Diagram

Here, the microphones, speakers, and codecs are interconnected using AES67 instead of Livewire. While these devices can coexist within the Livewire system, with only an AES67 connection, they do not have the ability to support advertising/discovery, GPIO, and Program Associated Data (PAD) as Livewire does today.

Virtual Radio is the future, and the future is here! Audio over IP (AoIP) has become the standard for broadcast facilities, allowing broadcast plants to be more powerful, less expensive to buy and maintain, and faster to build. In a neverending effort to optimize workflows, broadcasters want to take advantage of what AoIP enables next: the ability to control content creation virtually. They now get to see and control their gear via optimized graphical user interfaces, no matter where they are—in the studio or on remote. With Virtual Radio control, they can put themselves on the air from anywhere!

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