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BS200 Base Station Highlights

  • 2.4 GHz license-free operation
    Approved for worldwide use -no need to coordinate frequency operation with other wireless systems.
  • Secure Communication
    Digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum with encrypted signals secures communication so people outside the system can’t hear your conversations.
  • Triple Diversity 
    Provides the strongest signal possible for clear, seamless and uninterrupted conversations
  • Flexible Battery-Powered Operation
    The BS200 Base Station operates on either the supplied AC Adapter or an external DC source such as a vehicle electrical system for rack mounting in an ENG van.
  • Expandable system
    enables up to eight base stations to be used together for a total of 120 COMMUNICATORs with up to 32 in hands-free, full-duplex mode.
  • Remotely “unlatch” COMMUNICATORs 
    from transmitting at the base to stop a rogue COMMUNICATOR that’s been left transmitting without having to locate the beltpack.
  • Wireless ISO 
    allows all mobile users on the same base station to converse with each other isolated from the two- or four-wire
    intercom channel which can be restricted to specific users.
  • Wired intercom interface
    supports one hardwired intercom channel using two-wire, four-wire, or both simultaneously. The base is compatible with
    RTS and ClearCom/Production Intercom two-wire intercom systems. ISO+ mode gives you an additional four-wire intercom
    interface by using the AUX IN and AUX OUT connections.
  • Headset connector 
    allows the stationary base station operator direct access to the IC channel, AUX IN/OUT, as well as COMMUNICATOR®s.
    An optional six-foot extension cable provides added mobility.
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The easy-to-use HME DX200 System comes complete with synthesized voice prompts, rechargeable batteries, battery charger and rugged, lightweight COMMUNICATOR®s for reliable and cost-effective operation. With digital encryption and frequency-hopping technologies, you’ll never have to worry about unauthorized users hearing your conversation.

Now you can mix and match two COMMUNICATOR models: the WH200 ComLink All-in-One wireless headset or the BP200 Beltpack with your choice of plug-in headset. Up to 15 COMMUNICATORs can be assigned to each base station, any four of which can be used in hands-free, full-duplex mode, and a 5th when the base station headset is used. Expandable system enables up to 4 base stations to be used together for a total of 60 COMMUNICATORs with up to 16 in full-duplex, single channel mode.

BS200 Base Station Specifications

TX & RX Antenna: . . . . .½-Wave, Dual Diversity Dipole

4-Wire I/O: . . . . . . . . . . .RJ-45, 600Ω Balanced,
Level Adjustable, Simultaneous Operation with 2-Wire

2-Wire I/O: . . . . . . . . . . .XLR-3F & 3M, Externally-Switchable RTS or ClearCom Mode, 200Ω, Null Adjustable

Auxiliary Input: . . . . . . .XLR-3F/¼” Phone Combo Jack, 600Ω Balanced, Level Adjustable

Auxiliary Output: . . . . .XLR-3M, 600Ω Balanced, Level Adjustable

Headset Connector: . . .4-Pin Mini-DIN

Headset Output: . . . . . .250 mW into 32Ω

Size: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19” x 1.72” x 13.50” (1-RU)
(48.26 cm x 4.37 cm x 34.29 cm)

Weight: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9.2 lb (4.17 kg)

Power Requirements: . .100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 12-14 VDC


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