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Hitachi SK-HD2200 Advanced HDTV Studio and Field Production Camera

  • Latest Advanced Progressive Scan Sensors
  • Advanced 16bit ADC and 38bit DSP
  • 3 Gbps, 1080p transmission and outputs
  • Fully networked control system

The SK-HD2200 is Hitachi’s fourth generation HDTV cameras which employ the most advanced progressive scan CCD image sensors and Hitachi’s proprietary digital processing technology.

The SK-HD2200 is a studio camera that can be combined with studio large lens, This is our highest performance, Multi-Standard HDTV studio and field production cameras that satisfy TV system in any region of the world having 50Hz or 60Hz AC line power and both analog and digital signals.

As a standard feature, the SK-HD2200 is multi-format output camera systems that are able to output dual formats (SD and HD) simultaneously. Also available as a standard feature is their ability to output 1080p(50/59.94), 1080i (50/59.94) or 720p(50/59.94) HDTV and SD signal formats.


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High image quality-provided by NEW Progressive Sensors

Hitachi has achieved an incredibly low noise HDTV image which is the foundation for its high performance and excellent pictur e quality. With the use of NEW 2.3 million pixels, micro-lens array, native 1080p CCDs, the SK-HD2200 surpasses the performance of all prior models. These new sensors enable the SK-HD2200 to achieve outstanding horizontal and vertical resolution, dynamic range response, sensitivity and ultra-low vertical smear characteristics.

Premier user of 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion

The SK-HD2200 take full advantage of the increased dynamic range output of the NEW imagers by using the latest and most efficient, integrated16-bit analog-to-digital converters. These high speed ADCs are the bridge between the analog output of the CCDs and the advanced Hitachi processor. They assure that every nuance of the image captured and, converted to electrical energy by the sensors is interpreted in the digital domain resulting in faithful image reproduction.

Hitachi's advanced digital signal processing

Each essential part of the Hitachi SK-HD2200 camera system has its own DSP processor. Different DSP ICs are used independently for the HDTV camera head processing, the transmission system and the Camera Control Unit (CCU) processing. The new, power-efficient Digital Signal Processor LSI's are designed under the 40nm rule with dynamic processing capability in excess of 38-bits per pixel, per RGB channel. Hitachi's DSP processors are designed to easily manage the higher bandwidth of progressive readout HDTV sensors. The increased dynamic headroom of the SK-HD2200, allows faithful reproduction of even the most contrasting images.
An outstanding overall signal-to-noise ratio is achieved by using our own low-noise circuit technology without resorting to noise filtering methods.
Even at high gain, clear images are obtained with little noise.

Luminance response tools

Ultra Gamma

This function dramatically increases the exposure latitude of the camera in shooting conditions where the intensity of lighting and scenery varies widely. Seven different ultra-gamma responses are pre-programmed to suit just about every possible adverse shooting condition.

Black stretch

The SK-HD2200's Black stretch function allows for better reprod- uction of dark or underexposed areas by evenly raising the luminance response without changing the pedestal or white clip/ knee settings. It is especially useful in high contrast image venues, outdoors or sports production.

Lens optimization

Gray-Scale automatic setup

The SK-HD2200 offer the Gray-Scale Automatic Setup function to optimize the optical parameters that could negatively affect the image you are trying to capture and faithfully reproduce. The Gain, Gamma, and Flare are the video signal functions that vary from lens to lens.

Automatic vertical modulation shading adjustment

The SK-HD2200 assure that with any lens used, an even, chroma response will be attained by the automatic vertical modulation shading correction function. At the simple push of a button, this function provides separate memory of lens' modulation shading characteristics to optimize the X1 and X2 lens extender positions.

Optical and image capture functions

Focus Assist

Advanced Focus Assist Function aids are available to support the camera operator in finding the right focus regardless of the viewfinder model used. The Area Marker detects edges inside area, while a focus indicator shows the actual detail level by a horizontal line. A Focus Indicator Gauge can further be set to lock the maximum achieved level for a few seconds.

Quick focus + Precision Focus (Auto Focus)

The Quick Focus function automatically opens the iris then sets the video level with the electronic shutter. The resulting shallow depth of focus, allows the cameraman to set the exact focus with ease.
Lenses with Precision Focus(Auto Focus) technology are supported equally.