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The world’s first*1 4-sensor 4K camera directly employing 2/3-inch optics to achieve high-resolution, faithful images for television production applications.

Easy transition to 4K with minimal cost

Hitachi’s SK-UHD4000 system 4K color camera can be used with existing 2/3-inch format ENG and Studio/Field lenses without the use of an optical-mechanical adaptor between camera and lens.

2/3-inch lenses are the industry standard for studio and outside broadcast (OB) live event production applications. The extended depth of field required in sports television production is therefore preserved.

A unique, high-precision 4-sensor optical system and latest MOS sensor technology, provide 4K (3840 X 2160) and 2K (1920 x 1080) video simultaneously.

Camera controls and footprint are the same as current broadcast HDTV cameras making it simple to replace existing 2K infrastructure with minimal difficulty.


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2/3-inch Lens Mount

The use of a B4 (BTA S1005A) 2/3-inch lens format overcomes many objections to the wide adoption of 4K for TV program production including the use of Cine-style lenses, shallow depth of field and the limited ergonomics of Cine-lens operation.

B4 2/3-inch Lens Mount
B4 2/3-inch Lens Mount

2/3-inch MOS Sensor
2/3-inch MOS Sensor

Advanced Color Separation & Sharpness

The use of a 4-port RGB color separating prism is instrumental in achieving the performance of a 4K 35mm single CFA sensor in a standard portable camera chassis. It is also the best method for preserving lens MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) to provide the utmost contrast in 4K images produced by the Hitachi's SK-UHD4000 camera. The camera's optical block employs 'dual-green' and 'pixel offset' technologies to dramatically increase resolution in the Y (luminance) channel. Using highly accurate sensor placement and Hitachi's advanced digital signal processing (DSP), the SK-UHD4000 creates high resolution images from a total 8.8 million effective pixels.

Unique Digital Signal Processing

Each essential part of the Hitachi's SK-UHD4000 camera system has its own DSP processor. Different DSP ICs are used independently for 4K camera head processing, the transmission system and Camera Control Unit (CCU) processing. New, power efficient Hitachi Digital Signal Processors are designed to work with any 4K imaging technology now or in the future, offering a high ROI (return on investment).

Digital Signal Transmission Via Hybrid Fiber

The SK-UHD4000 camera system utilizes industry standard Hybrid Fiber-Optic Cable (HFOC) connectors made of high-strength materials to ensure durability and reliable performance under the most demanding TV production conditions.
Maximum HFOC length with applied camera power and fully operational facilities is 4,000m (13,200 feet) with no utility power*. The Optical power meters on the CCU front panel indicate the optical condition of both transmitting and receiving signals independently to accurately depict proximity to the "digital cliff" (maximum cable distance) .

HFOC distance with applied CCU power differs depending on system configuration and HFOC and connectors.
It is dependent on type of lens used, viewfinder, studio adaptor, teleprompter, HFOC, connectors and other accessories that may be connected thereby consuming power otherwise available for the camera head.

Real-time Lens Aberration Correction (RLAC)

Modern HDTV lenses can still produce optical distortions. One of these called "lateral chromatic aberration" can be reduced in certain lens models when used with the SK-UHD4000 camera system. The SKUHD4000 camera's function is called RLAC (Real-time Lens Aberration Correction) and it dynamically corrects images using correction data provided by the lens, through a digital interface with the camera.

Luminance Response Tools

Black Stretch

The SK-UHD4000's Black Stretch function allows for better reproduction of dark or underexposed areas by evenly raising the luminance response without changing the pedestal or white clip/ knee settings. It is especially useful in high contrast shooting conditions.

Ultra Gamma

A useful function implemented in the SK-UHD4000 is Ultra Gamma, which provides seven different responses to dramatically increase exposure latitude of the camera in shooting conditions where lighting and scenery vary widely in intensity.

Focus Assist

Precise focus can be easily achieved with the aid of Hitachi's viewfinder Focus Assist functions. There is a Linear Focus indicator at the bottom of the viewfinder display, a Pixel-to-Pixel function that displays an enlarged image without re-sizing and Edge color peaking which emphasizes the in-focus area in an easily visible color*2 . Each focus assist function can be selected in the VF menu according shooting conditions and can be activated when the camera operator begins to focus.

Available after March 2015.

High-speed, Progressive, Optical Digital Transmission and Camera Control System

The CU-UHD4000 Camera Control Unit and CA-UHF4000 Fiber Camera Adaptor constitute the control and transmission system for the new SK-UHD4000 portable 4K color camera. The Camera Control Unit (CU-UHD4000) provides significantly reduced power consumption and improved functionality. SDI outputs (1080p/1080i/720p/480i/576i) and SDI inputs (1080p/1080i/720p) are offered as standard. Down-converted 2K images are very high quality and completely compatible with standard HD cameras. This flexible system is capable of providing most modern HD/SD-SDI video signals required by today's HDTV program production demands.

A full complement of Serial Digital Interfaces are provided as standard equipment:

Digital Inputs/Outputs:

  • 4K Digital OUT x 2 sets [4x 3G-SDI OUT/sets]
  • 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI OUT x4 [x2/x2 Embedded Audio available](SD-SDI 16:9/4:3 switchable)
  • HD-SDI or SD-SDI PIX OUT x1 [Embedded Audio available]
  • 3G-SDI or HD-SDI RET In x4 [for Viewfinder]
  • 3G-SDI or HD-SDI RET In x2 [for Floor Monitor] (HD-SDI 3G/1.5G switchable)

Analog Input

  • PROMPT IN x1
  • 3GL IN x1

4K Output Format

2 sets of 4K outputs are available via BNC connectors. They can be switched between SQUARE DIVISION and 2 SAMPLE INTERLEAVE DIVISION formats.

4K Digital OUT Format

2K Cutout Output

A 2K 1080p/1080i image can be cut out of and output from the original 4K image. The 2K raster can be selected via menu anywhere within the 4K image.

Compact CCU:

The CU-UHD4000 Camera Control Unit is a very compact 2U size.

High Quality Down-converted HD:

A high performance down-conversion process is used to change the 4K signal into 2K HD. It maintains a high depth of modulation and outputs superb HD picture quality.

SMPTE 311M Hybrid Fiber Cable:

The effective HFOC length can be up to 4,000m (13,200 feet) with no utility power. HFOC distance with applied CCU power differs depending on system configuration and HFOC and connectors.

SDI Embedded Audio:

Two channels of MIC audio can be embedded in HD-SDI/SD-SDI output (SMPTE 425M/299M/272M).

TRUNK DATA (RS-422 or RS-232C (optional))