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SCTV is the largest Cable TV service provider in Vietnam with millions of subscribers. SCTV has been building a Television Theatre-Studio for various production TV types, such as: Music shows, Art performance shows, TV shows. The TV Theater will be equipped hundreds of audience seats. The end-user in SCTV expects a flexible solution for the lighting system so that they can do lighting control for many kinds of production in this studio. Finally, SCTV chose PELA and TVS to provide design/installation services as well as equipments for the lighting system.

Solution for Rigging system:

For the rigging system we chose solution of self-climbing frames with long bar hoists to get the most flexible method for the system. The frames will give operators more hanging points for fixtures as well as the easier way to shift any fixtures which they’re not able to do with individual long bar hoists. This rigging solution will help to reduce time for doing the focus of fixtures and helping operator to satisfy easily any requirements from lighting directors.

The rigging system also includes 60+ pantograph which will be used for main fixtures to make the maximum flexibility for fixtures. End user can move up/down the whole frame or just move few fixtures up/down without effecting the others on the same frames.

There is one general control box for all frames and hoist, the operator can select and move just one frame or some frames at once. All frames and hoists will be set in safety limitation for daily usage.

Rigging system – Self Climbing Frames

Rigging system – Pantograph on Frames

Solution for lighting fixtures:

The lighting fixtures of the studio are divided into some major types with specific functionalities. The halogen tungsten fresnel fixtures will be used for key lighting and back lighting, the studio’s space is quite wide and high so that it requires high output power for long distance lighting. We will use 1kW/2kW/5kW halogen tungsten Fresnel to cover all stages of the area.

For soft lighting we will use LED soft lights from Philips, including: 300S and 150S, with color temperature of 3200ºK to meet match Color temp of halogen tungsten.

The cyclorama lighting is handled by LED RGBW fixtures which is able to output any color onto the cyclorama cloth as well as décor sets on the stage. The lighting director will be free to desire any background colors on any surfaces he wants.

The effect lighting is handled by three groups of fixtures. The group of 20 SL300FX units handles the color washing over all stages, the group of 20 VL3515 moving spot units handles the main gobo/color/beam effects, and the group of 24 units of ParLed SLePar180 is used for additional effects, such as: strong flash lighting/beam cross smoke…

There is also one unit of 2kW Follow Spot which is located at the back of audience area.

Fixture of SCTV Studio

Beams from Profile Spot Lights

Solution for Dimmer and direct power system:

The system includes both dimmable and non-dimmable loads, it requires a flexible power solution for fixtures. We offer a flexible solution for dimmer system, there are 3 dimmer racks with 188 dimmer outputs.

The 30A circuits will be evenly wired to frames/hoist for only 5kW halogen tungsten Fresnel fixtures. These circuits are always dimmed. While 16A outlets are powered by dual 3kW module which can be set to Dim or Non-dim depending on the load that is plugged to the socket. The operator can power any fixture hang on frames/hoists regardless of type of fixtures, there are always dim and non-dim sockets for him to select.

The system also includes direct power socket for fog machines or non-dim fixtures, all the direct circuits are provided from DB with CB for each circuit.

Dimmer Racks and Distribution Boxes

Solution for Lighting Control system:

The lighting control system handles more than six individual groups of fixtures:

  • The halogen tungsten Fresnel (control via dimmer circuits).
  • The LED softlight fixtures 300S and 150S.
  • The LED RGBW Cyclorama fixtures.
  • The LED ParLed.
  • The Color Wash moving head units.
  • The Profile Spotlight units.

The challenge of this lighting control system are the complication of control mixing of many types of fixtures. The DMX schedule musts cover all fixtures and flexibly enough for using, the operator must be free to move any fixtures to any positions on the rigging systems while there are limitation of DMX control address.

Thanks to the latest lighting console model Pallete VL, we’ve designed the control system with 8 Control Universals for the lighting system for 6 groups as well as the redundancy for additional fixtures. The operator can control any fixtures individually or group of them.

The lighting control system is fully back up, if the main console is down during the show, the backup console will handle smoothly the show until the end of it.

Lighting Console PalleteVL

Training with Lights

TVS/PELA have implemented the project with strong co-operation with local contractor and completed the project in time. The system is ready for production from early of year 2018.

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