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VTV’s 2020 UHD OBvan Project

Due to the increasing demand for Mobile Production, VTV (Vietnam Television) decided to purchase a brand new UHD OBvan (Outside Broadcasting Van) to serves multiple purpose. And TVS was very honored to be chosen as the leading company to design and assemble this OBvan. Television Production System on this 3-camera OBvan can achieve UHD/4K video quality and dedicated surround sound recording, making it capable of engaging in the production of multiple programs such as: Live sport show, Live musical performance show, Live broadcast, Pre-recorded programs, Game show, … The basic system came with 3 cameras capable of recording the program’s setting and can be expanded up to 10 UHD/4K or HD camera. Thanks to the Video Infrastructure always ready to connect to multiple external devices, the operators can add in other equipment like Dual Channel Character Generator or Added multi-channel slow motion system to utilize the OBvan for technically demanding productions such as: live football match with Multi-angle slow motion, Musical/ Talent shows, Sport or Culture events on large setting, … Beside the high-quality Video recording capability, this OBVan is also came equipped with a Surround sound recording systems, able to carter to productions of musical performance with large number.


HUE VTV OBVAN PROJECT – 2005 Hue VTV is a branch of Vietnam Television organization located in Hue city. Hue VTV was doing not only programs for VTV but also doing programs to broadcast locally. In 2005, Hue VTV wanted to purchase an OBVan with 4 camera systems and expandable in future. TVS was chosen as main SI to work with local contractor for this project. The challenges were limitation for budget so the Van must be converted locally to be OBVan. TVS worked closely with end user and local van factory to design the cabin of the van as well as interior layout. Hue VTV OBVan We provided Hitachi SK-888 camera systems with complete CCU and control system for the van. Hitachi SK-888 camera was the next generation of successful SK-777model, the camera system satisfy all out-door production requirement of Hue VTV and very stable and durable thanks to good tropicalization. Vinten Vision 11 tripod packages were chosen to use with SK-888 camera, these tripods can adapt very hard working conditions on the field. At the center of van’s production system, we put Rossvideo RVS-216D vision mixer system. This vision mixer system has 16 SD-SDI inputs and 15 selectable.

VTV’s BIGGEST OBVAN PROJECT – JUNE 2015 Vietnam Television – VTV, is the national television broadcaster of Vietnam In 2014, VTV wanted to purchase one big OB Van with 11 camera systems. This was the biggest OB Van in Vietnam at that time, the Van will be used mainly for sports and big shows. The challenges were the complicated requirements of the Video, Audio, Tally and Control systems. This Van handles various signal formats: digital HD Video, digital SD Video, analog Video, digital Audio, analog Audio. VTV also wanted a comfortable operating environment in the Van, the equipment must be arranged in good layout in order to let operators can do their jobs easily. TVS won the tender to provide designing and coaching services as well as a big part of equipment of the Van. All systems were designed with full redundancy to ensure non-stop live production. VTV’s OBVan with 11 cameras on the field The working cabin of the van has been divided into several functional areas. The Audio cabin where audio guy doing mixing and monitoring all audio sources. The main audio console is Yamaha CL3 together with measurement gears from Tektronix and Wohler. Audio cabin is also equipped.