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Voice Of Vietnam – VOV Radio Station wanted to upgrade their outdoor production capacity with the latest technologies in Audio Over IP (AoIP) and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT). VOV called a tender for purchasing a DSNG vehicle which able to be used for live radio production from field with various type of transmission to station. The transmission methods should be VSAT via satellite link, Internet or 3G/4G.

This turn-key vehicle was highly requested for special features for high flexibility, high productive, quick onsite setup, high stability of live production and transmission with backup.

TVS together with Turkey Hitachi Kokusai Electric were selected to provide this turn-key vehicle. We have worked closely with end user – VOV from designing phase until onsite commissioning/handover.

The ToyotaTM Highlander LE was selected to make the base platform for the system.

On the road for testing

Ready for live production

The interior of the vehicle was carefully designed and integrated to conform a comfortable working space for operators and journalists. The two back seats are rotatable, these seats will be used for two operators who facing the control racks. From there they can control antenna while tracking satellite link to establish the VSAT link with earth station, they also can pan/tilt/zoom the camera which located to capture the view of event. The audio mixing console is easily slide out for operation and lock when the vehicle moving.

Operation Racks inside the Vehicle


Rotatable Seats for Operators

The journalist can take the front seat during production, there are outlets which directly connected with vehicle’s system for microphone input and headphone output. There is also AC/DC outlets for laptop and Light for the journalist do his job from front seat. Of course he/she also got all these benefit when seating on the back seats.

Setting up the system for event

The vehicle comes with extractable motorized cable reels allow taking power from external sources as well as providing power to external devices. The multi-core cables allow to input and output maximum 16 audio signals at the same time.

The back panel was made to allow the system working with various ways of signal input/output, this feature bring the flexibility for co-operating with other systems on the field.

Motorized Cable Reels and Back In/Out Panels

There are two hydraulic stability jacks to ensure the vehicle stable when doing transmission with satellite.

Motorized Hydraulic Stability jack

Training and Commissioning

The vehicle has been used for important event in early of Jan 2018 and other events.

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