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VTV is a biggest television broadcaster in Vietnam with dozens of studios and departments. With the needs of improving the quality of the show and meet the demand of the continuous growth of hot news and live event. Fluency and coherence communication between director, studio, control room and effect are crucial. So the better Intercom system bring back the better productivity and coordination throughout every departments.

TVS together with Clear-Com were selected to provide the equipments for the system. We have worked closely with end user – VTV from designing phase until onsite commissioning/handover.

This Intercom system is an upgrade to the current system with bellow configuration:

  • Eclipse HX Median 16 6RU 448-port Digital Matrix Frame
  • 02 CPU cards (Main and redundant)
  • 01 Analog MVX-A16-HX card
  • 03 IP IVC-32-HX cards
  • 01 FOR-22 card

After upgrade, the Intercom system will be expanded with bellow configuration:

  • 04 MVX-A16-HX card
  • 03 FOR-22 card
  • 02 TEL-14 card
  • 02 Telephone Hybrid for Hx2 system
  • 39 V-series panels (37 12-key panels and 2 24-key panels)
  • 05 LQ-2W2 IP interface for remote connection between OBVan and MCR using 3G/4G
  • 05 Agent IC License for user communicate using internet

Overview of Intercom system

Equipment setup

Equipment setup

Training and Commissioning between Clear-Com specialist and VTV engineer

Testing and Demonstrating the Intercom system

Handover conference between departments at VTV

After the upgrade, the new Intercom system will be more capable of meeting the demands of the end users. The system is fully intergrated with the current infrastructure thanks to IP technology and can easily be expanded in the future.

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