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– 2015

Studio 15 of VTV is one of the first audience studio of them where they’ve been recording many famous shows like “Duong Len Dinh Olympia”, “Chiec Non Ky Dieu” in many years.
In 2015, VTV re-constructed the studio and called a tender to provide lighting system for the studio. TVS with local contractor won the tender.

Studio S15 – VTV Vietnam

The requirements for the system were the flexible rigging system, mixed tungsten and LED fixtures, dimmer system with ability power for both tungsten load as well as non-dim load, dynamic control system for all of lighting devices.

The project has been fulfilled by Tu Le company together with TVS and strong support from Philips Entertainment.

For the rigging, we chose the solution of combining cat walk with sliding lighting bar. The cat walk is used for lighting man doing focusing from the top. The sliding lighting bar system includes fixed long I-shaped rails which hang 3m lighting bars below. This design allows operator can slide any lighting bar along fixed bars from end-to-end of stage. Main fixtures are mounted under pantographs, these pantographs are mounted under wheel carriages which can move along 3m lighting bars. The rigging design is totally manual but any fixtures can move freely in 3D space, no limitation for focusing.

3D Design of the rigging system

Rigging system & On the cat-walk

For lighting fixtures, we provided Led Softlight, Led PAR and Led Strobe from Philips Entertainment. The color temperature of these fixtures are 3200ºK for CT matching with existing tungsten fixtures. The fixtures with high CRI index and seamlessly mixing with light beam from tungsten fixtures.

The 96-way dimmer system is also provided by Philips Entertainment, this is modular dimmer system with 3kW and 5kW dual channel modules, the 3kW modules are switchable between dim/non-dim mode to allow to use with any type of load – tungsten or Led.

Preparing a show in S15 Studio

The lighting console is 500ML from Philips, give the operator amazing ability to do many kind of shows. The console has 4 universe DMX outputs with more than 4000 control channels, full support for moving head controlling as well as traditional dimmer control. The show can be setup in any way they want quickly, easy to modify it, call it and run it.

The control distribution system was customized to give the end user the highest flexibility, any universe DMX output can be out to any DMX outlets of the system allow add in number of fixtures at any area on the rigging system, the added-in fixtures can be Par Led, moving head, ect… Any time they want more fixtures for specific shows, the system is always ready.

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