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VTV brought “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” to Vietnam in 2005, this game show has been very famous for a long time. VTV decided to invest one new studio specialized for this game show and some others. TVS together with local contractor were chosen to provide the lighting system for this studio.

This lighting system is designed in accordance to the VTV technical requirement and product selection criteria. They are suitable for Live Performance Show & Pre-Recorded Programs such as Musical Shows, Game Shows, Talk Shows, Dramas & others. Most importantly, the studio is designed for the production of the famous and favorite game show, “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”. The Dimmer and Lighting Control Systems are State-Of-The-Art Systems, with the latest technology for Dimming and Control. The Tungsten Studio Luminaries are carefully selected from a “Family Range” type of products to minimize the quantity and types of spares to be kept.

The entire system is planned with Ethernet base infrastructure. The Ethernet infrastructure allows future expansion with present capability to distribute and receive DMX signals. This is a proven Ethernet System for Lighting Industry as the system has been installed in many world-renowned venues, such as performing art centers and TV studios.

Studio S10 – VTV

TV Studio Luminaires

Based on the technical requirement, the studio is designed with the intention of Game Show and the preference has been made to shoot the show at Color Temperature of 3200ºK. Hence, the fixtures proposed herein are mainly Tungsten Halogen Studio Fixtures.

The Studio Fresnel Spotlights proposed are all Pole Operation. Studio 5k, Studio 2k and Studio 1k are designed and developed as a “family” Range. Being a family range, the operation of all the Fresnel Spotlight is consistent throughout the range. The fixtures within the family range have compatible parts which simply mean less spare parts inventory.

The Studio Fresnel Spotlights are constructed from die cast bases and stainless steel bodies with scratch resistant epoxy powder paint. This will ensure that the fixtures are robust, durable and yet light weight. The fixtures with high quality Custom lenses and specially designed reflectors, provide brighter, flatter and wider spread of light output. As family range, the fixtures are designed also for easy maintenance.

The Top Cyclorama Lights proposed provide exceptional even beam distribution.

Strand Lighting’s well known Orion 4 Ground-rows are also included for bottom up cyclorama wash. Two version of Orion 4 are proposed, the “Rigid” and the “Hinged” types. The “Hinged” type is proposed for the Curve Sections of the Cyclorama. Apart from the Top Cyclorama, Ground-row, Softlight and Fresnel Spotlights, 600W Ellipsoidal Fixed Angle Profile Spotlights are also included. These fixtures can be used for special effects and gobo projections. With a precision 4-blade shutter, the beam can be shaped to suit the lighting designer’s need. The 360º Rotatable Body provides focusing and shaping of light at ease.

Pole operation Studio Softlights are extremely important in any production as they are the fixtures that provide the background lighting. The Arturo 1.25/2.5kW Softlight supplied with toggle switch to provide selection of one lamp or two lamps operation, without compromising the color temperature. The Optical System ensures shadowless indirect fill light from secondary reflector design.

Effect / Automated Luminaires

Besides the Static Tungsten Halogen Fixtures, Automated Moving Heads are included for the making of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” show. Two types of moving heads are proposed, the Wash Lights and the Profile Lights.

S10 Lighting system under installation

Lighting Control and Dimmer Systems

The system proposed is ACN ready. The entire control distribution is planned on Strand Shownet Networking which is TCP/IP base and ready to accept and operate when ACN is implemented. It costs absolutely no cost to the customer to adopt the ACN Control in future.

The control console proposed is the top of the line lighting control console which has excellent control features that meet most lighting designer’s requirement for Static / Dimmer Lighting Control, and also built-in with control features for moving lights and other Lighting Elements. With a Digitizer attached to it, it controls moving lights at the ease of a pen click. The Control Console utilize the Attributes Channel to control the moving lights’ functions and used only one control channel for each moving lights patched to console.

Optionally, a 510i can be attached to the Network as a Back Up unit for the console, which will seamlessly and automatically take over the control should the main console be faulty in the mid of performance or recording. This will ensure no interruption to the broadcast.

Dimmer System

The dimmer system proposed is Plug-In durable CD80SV dimmer system. The dimmer rack is a free standing, dead-front switchboard, substantially framed and enclosed with 16-gauge, formed steel panels. The Dimmer Modules to be supplied shall be fully plug-in and factory wired.

The dimmer rack features Line and load voltage regulation to minimize light output changes when the input voltage fluctuates. The dimmer system has Extensive input control capabilities, ensuring system design flexibility and ability for future system additions and upgrades. Opto-isolated Mux A and Mux B inputs are provided with individual assignment patches. The proposed dimmer system also features 99 System Wide control (SWC™) memories for additional preset and backup use, using simple “snapshot” recording. 16 room (zone) by 8 preset Outlook™ architectural lighting presets for auditorium, front of house and other control are available. Direct control of channels and presets is possible by hand held remote programmer with specialized riggers functions.

A quantity of Contactor modules are proposed and included. In any case, any circuit that needs to be converted to a non-dim supply to moving heads or other lighting elements, by simply swapping the dimmer module at respective location to contactor module and one will have the circuits as non-dim output. The dimmer rack shall come with a built-in Ethernet connection, which allows direct UTP connection from HUB rack to dimmer system.

Dimmer room

Suspension Rigging and Cyclorama systems:

Suspension Rigging And Cyclorama Systems The lighting suspension system is designed to suit the present requirement for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Game Show. In order to achieve the most economical and effective set up, the long hoists are proposed positioned around the round stage. There are 10m-hoists proposed as the back light hoists. For production hoist lighting hoists, 7m hoists are proposed. Right above the round stage, a Circular Truss system on Chain Hoists are proposed for the Special Effect Lighting.

A Double track Cyclorama Track System is included. The Cyclorama tracks are specially design aluminium extrusion profiles. There are dedicated curtain carriages for the cyclorama cloth. The rigging supporting structures are designed with future expansion in mind. The Structural Engineer shall design the structure that will take the load of additional hoists and fixtures.

There are an Off White Cotton Canvas Cyclorama and a Super Serge Wool Black Curtain.

Special Electrical Materials

9 numbers of Floor/Wall Boxes are proposed to be positioned around the Studio. These boxes are extremely essential lights need to be mounted on stands at floor level. These outlets provide dimmable and non-dim outlets.

S10 in rehearsal


The Entire Studio Lighting System is design to cater for various types of variety shows, with “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”’s requirement as design background. The system is expandable and is future proof. The Control Network is A.C.N. ready and in future when A.C.N. is implemented, the system installed can adopt without any difficulty.

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