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VTV’s 2020 UHD OBvan Project

Due to the increasing demand for Mobile Production, VTV (Vietnam Television) decided to purchase a brand new UHD OBvan (Outside Broadcasting Van) to serves multiple purpose. And TVS was very honored to be chosen as the leading company to design and assemble this OBvan.

Television Production System on this 3-camera OBvan can achieve UHD/4K video quality and dedicated surround sound recording, making it capable of engaging in the production of multiple programs such as: Live sport show, Live musical performance show, Live broadcast, Pre-recorded programs, Game show, …

Assembled new OBvan with extended ladder

The basic system came with 3 cameras capable of recording the program’s setting and can be expanded up to 10 UHD/4K or HD camera. Thanks to the Video Infrastructure always ready to connect to multiple external devices, the operators can add in other equipment like Dual Channel Character Generator or Added multi-channel slow motion system to utilize the OBvan for technically demanding productions such as: live football match with Multi-angle slow motion, Musical/ Talent shows, Sport or Culture events on large setting, …

Beside the high-quality Video recording capability, this OBVan is also came equipped with a Surround sound recording systems, able to carter to productions of musical performance with large number of instruments. This is achieved thanks to the processing and routing abilities of an audio mixer in coordination with an excellent signal processing infrastructure and high-quality processing and monitoring system.

The Van also includes a rich set of signal processing devices for external sources, capable of converting video quality from HD to UDH and vice versa. This feature enables the operators to share their feeds with other production teams easily, which helps all productions that the vehicle partakes in run more smoothly while remaining highly customizable.

The intercom system ensures clear communication between the Van’s operating team and other production teams while in production, making it possible to create a bigger, more diverse Television Producing System with the participation of an additional Mobile production unit. The system comes with multi-format interfaces, expandable communication channels and expandable control bring excellent Video/Audio connections between different vehicles.

Van’s backside

The Video/Audio control station is constructed based on practical operating experience from operators of other OBvans currently in operation. The size proportion of each stations, position of the control panel and monitors are all considered in the Van’s design to ensure a balanced weight distribution while keeping optimal performance and a pleasing aesthetics.

With this project, aside from designing and engineering problems, TVS also have to face challenges brought by the pandemic of Covid-19, which hinders many stages of the project. In the face of the world wide pandemic, TVS act quick to ensures that’s our operations were complying with all health directions given by the Prime minister and the government of Vietnam while also maintain steady progress on this project.

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