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Vision Tritium

Vision Tritium

Vision Tritium – 3 ME Production Switchers

High End Production Power on a Mid-Size Budget
The Vision Tritium 3 ME production switcher has a stunning feature set in an incredibly budget sensitive package at literally half the price you would expect for this type of solution.

Imagine a full 3 ME modular production switcher with 48 x 32 Multi-Definition inputs and outputs, 6 real 3D DVEs, 16 channels of internal media stores, 16 keyers, our awesome UltraChrome™ chroma keys, built in Dual Head MultiViewers™, massive external device controls and much more all wrapped up inside an extremely affordable package. That’s Vision Tritium – Truly Affordable Big Switcher Power.

With Vision Tritium you can own a beautiful modular 3 ME panel with 32 direct access crosspoint buttons, featuring our cool Ross PanelGlow™ RGB buttons and DualDisplay™ touch screen menu system.

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32 Crosspoint Buttons on Panel

Full 3 ME’s

48 Multi-Definition Serial Digital Inputs

32 Multi-Definition Serial Digital Outputs

2 x Dual Head Internal MultiViewers™ (Configurable Dual Outputs for each MultiViewer.)

6 Channels of 3D DVE with Position, Rotation, Crop, Advanced Positioning, Key Combiner, Dynamic Borders, Preprocessor effects and DVE Timelines.

Proc Amps and Color Correction

Ross AuxKeys™ – Mixer / Keyers on Aux Bus Outputs

MultiDSK™ (8 Keys on Program / Preview ME)

Auto-Follow Dual Display System Control Touch Screen

32 Custom Control Macro Buttons with 12 Banks

Source Mnemonics and Custom Control Mnemonics

USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse, and Media Drives

On-Panel Aux Bus Control

Unique Ross “Roll Clip” Button in Every ME

PanelGlow™ User Definable Button Color Themes

6 UltraChrome™ Chroma Keyers with Super Fine Keying Quality (2 per ME)

4 Channel Global Media Store

12 Channels of ME Media Store (4 per ME)

Dual Channel Border Generator with Advanced Key Trails and Key Smear Effects per ME

18 Powerful Pattern Generators and 6 Complex Wash Generators

Hard Disk Drive for Storing Configurations, Stills, Animations and Clips

100 Event Memory System

6 FlexiClean™ Assignable Clean Feed Outputs (2 per ME)

Preview Overlay™ Safe Area/Title and Operator Heads-Up Information Display

RossTalk Protocol for integration with XPression Graphics System

36 Fully Assignable Parallel Tally Outputs

10 GPI Inputs, 10 GPI Outputs

VTR Control Protocol (BVW-75)

Video Server Protocols (VDCP/AMP) see supported list of servers

Serial Tally Interface

Multi-Definition support for any of the following formats: 525, 625, 1080i 50, 1080i 59.94, 720P 50, 720P 59.94, 1080P 24, 1080PSF 24, 1080PSF 23.98