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Lighting system for Cantho VTV – 2016

Lighting system for Multi-purpose Studio S1 and News Studio of Cantho VTV – 2016

Cantho VTV is a branch of Vietnam Television located in Can Tho city, south of Viet nam.

CVTV wanted to upgrade their existing lighting system of multi-purpose studio S1 and lighting system of news studio S4.

For multi-purpose studio S1, we had the challenge of utilize the existing tungsten fixtures. The end user wanted us to integrate LED fixtures with tungsten fixture for various kind of programs.

For news studio S4, we got the same challenge to mix LED fixture with tungsten fixtures and fluorescent fixtures.

The challenges were not only color temperature mixing but also lighting control mixing, power supply mixing.

TVS had been selected as the main SI to deploy the required systems for CVTV.

We had co-operated with our world leading lighting supplier – Philips Entertainment to supply major parts of the systems. Beside that, we also modified the existing rigging system to adapt effectively various kind of programs from modern music shows to traditional art shows.

The lighting system of S1 studio includes 2kW Studio Fresnel and 1kW Studio Fresnel from Philips for key lighting and back lighting. The tungsten fixtures are powered by Philips EC21 Dimmer system with EC21 3.0kW Dual S-N-SP Power Through Module. These modules be easily switch to Relay mode for fixture which got intensity be controlled directly.

The soft lighting for S1 is provided by Philips 300S Led Softlight fixtures, these softlights got color temperature of 3200ºK for matching with existing tungsten softlight. 300S got high CRI index and seamlessly mixing with light beam from tungsten fixtures. The profile spotlights are also LED from Philips with high output power and very useful for traditional shows.

The end user also record music shows in S1 studio, that’s why the system is provided with PAR LED, LED Wash Lights and LED Automated Spot.

The lighting console is 500ML from Philips, give the operator amazing ability to do many kind of shows. The console has 4 universe DMX output with more than 4000 control channels, full support for moving head controlling as well as traditional dimmer control. The show can be setup in any way they want quickly, easy to modify it, call it and run it.

The control distribution system was customized to give the end user the highest flexibility, any universe DMX output can be out to any DMX outlets of the system allow add in number of fixtures at any area on the rigging, the add in fixtures can be Par Led, moving head, ect. In case they need to add in fixtures for specific shows, the system is always ready.

S1 Lighting – Traditional Show

Training on 500ML Lighting Console

In production

EC21 Dimmer Rack

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