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VTV5 Television channel is one of the National TV channels of Vietnam Television (VTV), under the Ethnic Language Television Department. It officially commenced its inaugural broadcast on February 10, 2002, marking a significant event. This allowed ethnic minority communities in various regions to watch television programs specially designed in their own languages. Prior to this, ethnic language television for minorities was an important agenda item recorded in Party resolutions and Government decisions, demonstrating the Party’s deep concern for the cultural enjoyment of ethnic minorities. It affirmed political equality and contributed to the preservation, conservation, and promotion of the cultural identity of the 54 ethnic communities in Vietnam. Despite initial hesitations and difficulties, those involved in Ethnic Language Television gradually affirmed their resilience, creativity, and, especially, their passion and dedication in designing programs to serve ethnic minority communities across Vietnam. Since January 1, 2016, the Ethnic Language Television Department has officially broadcast VTV5 Southwest, incorporating the Khmer ethnic language. The content of these programs comprehensively reflects the socio-economic aspects of the provinces in the Southwest and Southeast regions, meeting the increasing information and cultural needs of the Khmer ethnic people in the region In implementing the project to enhance the production capacity of ethnic language television programs,.

VTV’s 2020 UHD OBvan Project

Due to the increasing demand for Mobile Production, VTV (Vietnam Television) decided to purchase a brand new UHD OBvan (Outside Broadcasting Van) to serves multiple purpose. And TVS was very honored to be chosen as the leading company to design and assemble this OBvan. Television Production System on this 3-camera OBvan can achieve UHD/4K video quality and dedicated surround sound recording, making it capable of engaging in the production of multiple programs such as: Live sport show, Live musical performance show, Live broadcast, Pre-recorded programs, Game show, … The basic system came with 3 cameras capable of recording the program’s setting and can be expanded up to 10 UHD/4K or HD camera. Thanks to the Video Infrastructure always ready to connect to multiple external devices, the operators can add in other equipment like Dual Channel Character Generator or Added multi-channel slow motion system to utilize the OBvan for technically demanding productions such as: live football match with Multi-angle slow motion, Musical/ Talent shows, Sport or Culture events on large setting, … Beside the high-quality Video recording capability, this OBVan is also came equipped with a Surround sound recording systems, able to carter to productions of musical performance with large number.


BTV- Binh Duong Television and Radio Station was looking for a company which bring the best possible lightning effect for their newly constructed studio, that can be used in various of events. With our well-trained, experienced engineer and high quality equipments from Phillips for the lightning, control to Doughty Engineering for mechanical, together with specialists of Phillips. We are present to BTV our BEST work for their new studio. Deploy and Setup Rigging system – Self Climbing Frames Testing on various studio formats Testing on various studio formats In Production


Due to the increasing needs of quality as well as content to provide the best possible television program for ethnic communities. VTV5 – The TV station serve the ethnic minority communities in Vietnam, broadcasting 24 hours a day – wants the best camera and recorder to ease up the production process, replacing the out-dated camera and recorder that no longer able to serve the purpose of bringing the news and live events to the ethnic communities in their own native languages. TVS together with Hitachi were selected to provide the equipments for the system. We have worked our best to bring our “A” game to the system using bellow configuration: Hitachi Ultra High Definition Studio Camera SK-UHD4000 Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE S Super Wide angle Broadcast Lens Vinten VB250-AP2 Vision 250 2-stage Tripod System OBM-U310 | 31″ 4K Professional Monitor with 12G-SDI AJA Ki Pro® Ultra – 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD Recorder and AJA Pak 1TB SSD Module PAK 1000 for storage Equipment setup Training and Commissioning between technical teams Testing and Demonstating In Production


VTV is a biggest television broadcaster in Vietnam with dozens of studios and departments. With the needs of improving the quality of the show and meet the demand of the continuous growth of hot news and live event. Fluency and coherence communication between director, studio, control room and effect are crucial. So the better Intercom system bring back the better productivity and coordination throughout every departments. TVS together with Clear-Com were selected to provide the equipments for the system. We have worked closely with end user – VTV from designing phase until onsite commissioning/handover. This Intercom system is an upgrade to the current system with bellow configuration: Eclipse HX Median 16 6RU 448-port Digital Matrix Frame 02 CPU cards (Main and redundant) 01 Analog MVX-A16-HX card 03 IP IVC-32-HX cards 01 FOR-22 card After upgrade, the Intercom system will be expanded with bellow configuration: 04 MVX-A16-HX card 03 FOR-22 card 02 TEL-14 card 02 Telephone Hybrid for Hx2 system 39 V-series panels (37 12-key panels and 2 24-key panels) 05 LQ-2W2 IP interface for remote connection between OBVan and MCR using 3G/4G 05 Agent IC License for user communicate using internet Overview of Intercom system Equipment setup Equipment setup Training.