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MCR Studio Project for VOV 89MHz Channel – 2017

The Voice Of Vietnam wanted to launch a new radio channel which is specified for health and safety foods. This is a total new channel which is technology independent with existing Radio system of VOV.

The channel will be transmitted on 89MHz radio channel and being built from ground, that is an advantage for VOV to apply the latest technology for the system. The Health & Food safety system consists of two On-air/record studios and Master control room and IT based radio production/playout/management system.

VOV has selected TVS to be main system integration for the project. We – TVS have applied the latest technologies for this system with careful design, high ability to customize, high durability, very high redundancy level of all parts of system, quick support onsite or via common communication means.

After few months of system deploying, the channel has been on-air in March 2017.

We have established  Dalet Galaxy radio system with most of main modules:

  • Production/Editing with OneCut
  • Import and export assets with 3rd party system.
  • Management: access, editing right, MAM for assets, system logging.
  • Scheduling, On-air playout, Back up for on-air

On-air/record studio:

For On-air/record studio, we have applied the latest AoIP technologies from Telos alliance named Livewire. The system is full IP based with IT core processing, IP connectivity and interface between baseband environment with IP environment. Everything looks similar with experience operator as well as non-experience ones

Thanks to the flexibility of IT technology, the system is easily configured for any kind of operation of live production or off-live production. Operator just need less than 1 minutes to load up his/her system setting up for daily production, any changing to adapt suddenly case is done quickly via Web browser running on system PC. The operators are free to do many kind of production.

One-man show

Master Control System:

Based on high concern about stability of on-air program, we have deployed the MCR system with 200% back up ability. The MCR system includes both baseband signal and AoIP signal, each system is fully back up and each one is back up system for the other one also. The program sign will never lost on both systems, that mean the on-air sign is always transmitted to radio audience.

Thanks to AoIP technology and well design on baseband system, the space needed for system was reduced significantly.


MCR & Studio Control room

MCR desk

The signal synchronization as well as time sync are handled by Imagine GPS/TimeSync Generator system for both baseband and IP system. The counters on mixing console are always synchronized with timecode on Dalet On-air workstation, all production crew and MCR operator are always got the same timecode regardless of which infrastructure they working on.

MCR Mixing Console Dalet On-air beside

Loudness monitor on MCR desk

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