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Canon CJ12e×4.3B

Through optimal lens positioning and advanced levels of component and body assemblyprecision, the CJ12ex4.3B delivers superior color reproducibility for outstanding expressive power, with the lens contributing to the creation of compelling video brimming with realism. The built-in 2x extender increases the lens’s focal range by two fold while maintaining 4K superior optical performance.

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World’s first* 2/3″ 4K wide-angle portable lens

This lens boasts the world’s shortest focal length* of 4.3 mm and the world’s shortest minimum object distance (MOD)* of 30 cm. This makes it possible to create images using wide view angles with the shortest focal length for a 2/3″ 4K lens: as such, it is the wide-angle lens that is optimally suited for use in 4K systems for applications such as cropping from 4K to HD.
(* As a 2/3″ 4K lens available as of September 7, 2015)

4K optical performance achieved even when
using the built-in 2x extender

Thanks to the precision of its high-grade components and assembly, the lens achieves high 4K camera-compatible even when the built-in 2x extender has been engaged.

Applicability and ease of operation ideally suited
to 4K shooting

Since the lens achieves the zoom ratio, focal length, servo speed and stability required of wide-angle lenses, it meets the needs of a wide range of shooting conditions and ensures the applicability and ease of operation ideally suited to 4K shooting. Shooting with the lens supported on the user’s shoulder is possible thanks to its compact size and 2.1 kg weight.


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Built-in extender 1.0× 2.0×
Focal Length 4.3-52mm 8.6-104mm
Zoom Ratio 12×
Maximum Relative
1:1.8 at 4.3-40mm
1:2.4 at 52mm
1:3.6 at 8.6-80mm
1:4.8 at 104mm
Angular Field of View 96.3°×64.2°
M.O.D 0.3.m
Object Dimensions
at M.O.D.
76.4×43.0cm at 4.3mm
6.0×3.4cm at 52mm
38.2×21.5cm at 8.6mm
3.0×1.7cm at 104mm
Approx. Size
Approx. Mass 2.1kg (IRSE S)