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The DK-Z50 is a high-performance special application HDTV/SD camera.The camera is ideal for graphic stands point of view and remote observation applications. With its new 2/3-inch 1.0 million pixels 3-CCD, the DK-Z50 provides outstanding performance. The camera offers sharper and cleaner HD images due to its 14-bit A/D converters and Hitachi’s implementation of the latest digital processing technology. The camera achieves outstanding high sensitivity and a low vertical smear specification.


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High S/N with HD-SDI

Outstanding Signal-to-noise ratio >58dB measured on the HD-SDI (1080i) output.

14-bit ADC with the latest generation Hitachi DSP

High Resolution

The latest generation 2/3-inch CCD with micro lenses and Spatial-offset Processing technologies provided a horizontal resolution performance of 800 TV lines (luminance channel).

Small & light weight head

Versatile CCD shutter

DSP provide advanced image handling and adjustment functions

Extensive User-Friendly Features