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TELOS-AXIA Livewire Project for Voice Of Vietnam – 2017

VOV is having about 30 studios, half of them are full digital system and other half are analog system. The latest system has been there almost a decade already. The Master Control System of VOV is digital system with many interface between digital/analog, the core router is controlled by automation software running on server.

VOV has wanted to upgrade their production system and master control system to IP based technology to apply advantages of latest technologies to their daily operation nationwide. VOV has decided to use Livewire technology from Telos alliance with strong support from TVS who is the main SI for the project.

They want to do upgrading phase by phase, for the first phase they have upgraded two analog studios to full AoIP studios and a part of MCR to VoIP system which running in parallel with existing Digital/Analog audio system.

The challenges of project are integration between new AoIP system with existing baseband system and keeping the similar workflow for recording studio.

With strong co-operation between TVS team with Telos team and VOV team, we have successfully deployed the system as VOV desired. The key benefits we together brought to end users as follow:

  • Building up the work flow for recording studios which familiar with daily operation, the operators operate the new AoIP system likely the way they do with existing system. Each operator can have their own setup for console and easily to call back.
  • All audio sources in the facility are “visible” and “reachable” with unique ID and name, bringing to the administrator an amazing management ability over the system.
  • PathfinderPRO router control software for Windows are an amazing rich set of tools we use to customize and command VOV’s entire Axia network, allowing us to craft extremely sophisticated routing functions. Define automated switching events, construct custom software control panels, change between presets manually, on a daypart schedule, or via an external trigger. Pathfinder’s advanced features include the ability to sense silence at a particular audio port and patch around it automatically.

A18 and A19 – Recording Studios



MCR’s Livewire system

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