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Voice Of Vietnam – VOV Radio Station wanted to upgrade their outdoor production capacity with the latest technologies in Audio Over IP (AoIP) and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT). VOV called a tender for purchasing a DSNG vehicle which able to be used for live radio production from field with various type of transmission to station. The transmission methods should be VSAT via satellite link, Internet or 3G/4G. This turn-key vehicle was highly requested for special features for high flexibility, high productive, quick onsite setup, high stability of live production and transmission with backup. TVS together with Turkey Hitachi Kokusai Electric were selected to provide this turn-key vehicle. We have worked closely with end user – VOV from designing phase until onsite commissioning/handover. The ToyotaTM Highlander LE was selected to make the base platform for the system. On the road for testing Ready for live production The interior of the vehicle was carefully designed and integrated to conform a comfortable working space for operators and journalists. The two back seats are rotatable, these seats will be used for two operators who facing the control racks. From there they can control antenna while tracking satellite link to establish the VSAT link.

DALET GALAXY RADIO SYSTEM OF VOV – 2014 Voice Of Vietnam – VOV is the nation radio broadcaster who covers all regions of Vietnam and oversea. VOV is the very first broadcast organization apply information technology to their radio system from production to play-out content. After more than a decade of usage, the existing radio system was out of date and the upgrading was not efficient at all, VOV decided to purchase new radio system with the latest technology for both software and hardware. Dalet has been very famous company who initial provided IT based radio solutions to many radio broadcasters around the world. VOV had used Dalet 5.1E system for over 10 years and they put their trust in Dalet. In 2013, VOV purchased new radio system from Dalet and TVS was chosen as the local SI for overall system. The challenges were: – Integration with existing Dalet 5.1E system which run on old OS and database technology. The new Galaxy Radio system with latest OS, database architecture, backup method should be integrated smoothly with Dalet 5.1E in at least first year. – Integration with existing Netia radio system which got the same issue relative to OS and database.

TELOS-AXIA Livewire Project for Voice Of Vietnam – 2017 VOV is having about 30 studios, half of them are full digital system and other half are analog system. The latest system has been there almost a decade already. The Master Control System of VOV is digital system with many interface between digital/analog, the core router is controlled by automation software running on server. VOV has wanted to upgrade their production system and master control system to IP based technology to apply advantages of latest technologies to their daily operation nationwide. VOV has decided to use Livewire technology from Telos alliance with strong support from TVS who is the main SI for the project. They want to do upgrading phase by phase, for the first phase they have upgraded two analog studios to full AoIP studios and a part of MCR to VoIP system which running in parallel with existing Digital/Analog audio system. The challenges of project are integration between new AoIP system with existing baseband system and keeping the similar workflow for recording studio. With strong co-operation between TVS team with Telos team and VOV team, we have successfully deployed the system as VOV desired. The key benefits we together.

MCR Studio Project for VOV 89MHz Channel – 2017 The Voice Of Vietnam wanted to launch a new radio channel which is specified for health and safety foods. This is a total new channel which is technology independent with existing Radio system of VOV. The channel will be transmitted on 89MHz radio channel and being built from ground, that is an advantage for VOV to apply the latest technology for the system. The Health & Food safety system consists of two On-air/record studios and Master control room and IT based radio production/playout/management system. VOV has selected TVS to be main system integration for the project. We – TVS have applied the latest technologies for this system with careful design, high ability to customize, high durability, very high redundancy level of all parts of system, quick support onsite or via common communication means. After few months of system deploying, the channel has been on-air in March 2017. We have established  Dalet Galaxy radio system with most of main modules: Production/Editing with OneCut Import and export assets with 3rd party system. Management: access, editing right, MAM for assets, system logging. Scheduling, On-air playout, Back up for on-air On-air/record studio: For On-air/record studio,.