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Canon HJ24ex7.5B

Canon’s technology and knowledge accumulated over many years has resulted in the creation of the HJ24ex7.5B HD portable telephoto zoom lens. In addition to the improvements in optical performance, the lens is even more compact and lightweight with a better-balanced centre of gravity, and incorporates a new type of Drive Unit to achieve dramatically improved operability and ease-of-use.

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World’s widest angle and highest zoom ratio in its class (as of February 1, 2015)

Advanced optical performance

New Drive Unit

The HJ24ex7.5B offers specifications that are a dramatic improvement over its predecessor: a focal range from 7.5mm at the wide end to 180mm at the tele end, along with a 24x zoom ratio. A breakthrough lens delivering the world’s widest angle and highest zoom ratio in its class*, the HJ24ex7.5B is ideally situated for many applications, including news, sports, and documentaries.

(*Among portable zoom lenses for 2/3″ HD cameras with zoom ratios of 20x or more that are suitable for ENG-style shooting. Current as of February 1, 2015.)

 The new HJ24ex7.5B not only builds on the outstanding optical performance of its predecessor, but extends optical performance still further. It delivers a wider angle and higher zoom ratio, while at the same time providing excellent aberration correction over the entire zoom range for sharper and clearer images. The combination of excellent specifications and high image quality makes possible a broad range of expression.
 The HJ24ex7.5B incorporates a new and enhanced Drive Unit. The new high-performance encoder supports communication with 2/3″ HDTV cameras equipped with aberration correction functionality, without initializing the lens. Three 20-pin connectors enable high-definition virtual video output even during full-servo operation. In addition, reduced power consumption and the new simplified display mode (Basic Mode) enhance operability.


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Zoom Ratio 24×
Image side 2/3"
Built-in extender 2.0×
Range of Focal Length
(with extender)
Maximum Relative Aperture
(with extender)
1:1.8 at 7.5-120mm
1:2.7 at 180mm
1:3.6 at 15.0-240mm
1:5.4 at 360mm
Angular Field of View
(with extender)
4:3 Aspect Ratio
60.8°×47.5° at 7.5mm
2.8°×2.1° at 180mm
32.7°×24.8° at 15.0mm
1.4°×1.1° at 360mm
16:9 Aspect Ratio
65.2°×39.6° at 7.5mm
3.1°×1.7° at 180mm
35.5°×20.4° at 15.0mm
1.5°×0.9° at 360mm
M.O.D from Lens Front 0.80m (10mm with Macro)
M.O.D from Image Plane 1.07m
Object Dimensions
at M.O.D.
4:3 Aspect Ratio
88.3×66.2cm at 7.5mm
3.8×2.9cm at 180mm
44.2×33.1cm at 15.0mm
1.9×1.4cm at 360mm
16:9 Aspect Ratio
96.0×54.0cm at 7.5mm
4.1×2.3cm at 180mm
48.0×27.0cm at 15.0mm
2.1×1.2cm at 360mm
Approx. Size
Approx. Mass
1.78kg (3.92lbs) / 1.86kg (4.10lbs)
Filter Tread Size (Hood/Lens Barrel) 105mm P1/94mm P1
Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer -
Information Display