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Selenio 6800+™ Processing and Distribution

The acclaimed Selenio 6800+™ platform delivers the industry’s broadest range of core processing and distribution functions in a flexible modular package. Incorporating a powerful mix of capabilities to satisfy even the most demanding needs, the platform’s high-capacity architecture supports up to 20 single-wide modules per 2RU frame — significantly reducing frame count in your facility, and saving you rack space and capital costs.

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3 Gb/s Processing

Auto-Sensing HD/SD Audio De-Embedder with up to 8 AES and 8 Analog audio Outputs
Auto-Sensing 3G/HD/SD Audio De-Embedder with up to 8 AES Outputs
Auto-Sensing HD/SD Audio Embedder with up to 8 AES and 8 Analog audio Inputs
Auto-Sensing 3G/HD/SD Audio Embedder with up to 8 AES Inputs
3G/HD/SD­Capable A/V Frame Synchronizer with Analog Audio inputs/outputs
3G/HD/SD-Capable A/V Frame Synchronizer
Dual­-Channel SDI Frame Synchronization and Delay

Advanced Audio

Multichannel Audio Processing Station
Dual SDI Channel Audio Processing

Audio Conversion, Embedders, De-Embedders

4-Channel Audio Analog-to-Digital Converter with Delay
AES Digital-to-Analog Audio Converters
Auto-Sensing HD/SD-SDI De-Embedders with 4 AES Outputs
Auto-Sensing HD/SD-SDI Embedders with 4 AES Inputs

Automatic Change Over

Intelligent Single Switchover for ASI Sources
Dual 1x4 or Single 1x8 AES Automatic Changeover and Distribution Amplifier
Basic Dual Switchover for HD/SD Sources and for ASI Sources
Intelligent Dual Switchover for HD/SD Sources and Basic Dual Switchover for ASI Sources
Intelligent 4X2 Clean/Quiet Automatic Changeover
Intelligent Single, Clean Quiet Switchover for HD/SD/ASI Sources
Intelligent Single Switchover for HD/SD/ASI Sources
Intelligent Single Switchover with 4X2 Mode for HD/SD/ASI Sources

Compression, Networking

Satellite Receiver and Demodulator Module
IP Video Gateway — ASI to IP Encapsulator Module
IP Video Gateway — SDI to IP Encapsulator Module
Conversion of 204 byte ISDB-T BTS to/from 188 byte DVB ASI format

Data/Metadata Insertion

Dual-Channel GPI/CC/Serial Data/SCTE104 Inserter/Extractor and VANC Bridge Module
HD/SD AFD/WSS Insertion Module


1x8, SD/ASI with Reclocking and Transformers
Low Power Dual 1x4 or Single 1x8 with Built-in ACO, 3G/HD/SD/ASI
Low Power Dual 1x4 or Single 1x8 with Built-in ACO, SD/ASI
1x4 or 1x8, 3G/HD/SD/ASI
1x4 or 1x8, SD/ASI
1x4 or 1x8, Analog Video, Clamping and Equalizing
1x4 or 1x8, Analog Video
1x4 or 1x8, Analog Video, Equalizing
Analog Audio Remote Gain, Balanced
1x4 or 1x9, AES/EBU, Balanced or Unbalanced
Wordclock/1 PPS/10 MHz Distribution Amplifier

HD Conversion, ARC

HD Utility Downconverter, Q-SEE™-Compliant
Upconverter with Motion-Adaptive 3D De-Interlacing
HD/SD Up/Down/Cross/Aspect Ratio Converter with Enhanced Aspect Ratio Processing

Synchronization, Delay

Auto-Sensing HD/SD-SDI Video Frame Synchronizer/Processor

Video Conversion

Composite Analog A/V Decoder/Synchronizer/Embedder, Q-SEE™-Compliant
12-Bit Composite Analog-to-Digital Converter
12-Bit Composite Video Decoder and Synchronizer
4-channel SD video decoder and synchronizer
SDI Video Encoder, Q-SEE™-Compliant